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The Mindfulness Advisory Group (MAG) is an independent body supporting the selection and standardization of mindfulness training for Canadian Members of Parliament and Civil Servants. The Group takes guidance from leaders in this field, especially Mindful Nation UK, Canadian mindfulness leaders, and other groups and organizations delivering evidence-based secular mindfulness training within governmental settings around the world.

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Members are Canadian leaders within the field of mindfulness and mental health across sectors. Expertise of this group is in evidence-based secular mindfulness training, program development and government related issues.

  • Leading mindfulness experts with a long standing expertise across sectors in mindfulness training of individuals, professionals and organizations.

  • MAG provides an open and accessible framework to seek additional advisory members to develop greater context and support for mindfulness training.

Founding organizing committee

James Gimian (Halifax) - Publisher, Mindful.org and Mindful Magazine

John Roy BSc, MBA - Governing Council member of Authentic Leadership In Action (ALIA), Member - Finance Committee - UK Mindfulness Initiative. Founder - ROYCOM group of companies and Summit REIT in Canada.

Michael Apollo RP (Toronto) - President, Mindful Gateway. Program Lead, Mindfulness at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

Canadian Advisory Members

Barry Boyce (Nova Scotia) - Editor-in-Chief, Mindful Magazine and Mindful.org

Michele Chaban MSW/RSW PhD (Toronto) - Founder, Applied Mindfulness Meditation Program University of Toronto

Joe Flanders PhD OPQ (Montreal) - Clinical Psychologist and Founder MindSpace Clinic

Michele Milan MA (Toronto) - Former Chief Executive Officer, Rotman Executive Programs

Lynette Monteiro PhD (Ottawa) - Clinical Psychologist and Founder, Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic

Frank Musten PhD (Ottawa) - Clinical Psychologist and Founder, Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic

Patricia Rockman MD CCFP FCFP (Toronto) - Associate Professor University of Toronto, Senior Director Centre for Mindfulness Studies

Geoffrey Soloway PhD (Vancouver) - Co-Founder & Chief Training Officer MindWell U

Zindel Segal PhD (Toronto) - Distinguished Professor of Psychology in Mood Disorders, University of Toronto


International Government & Research Advisory Committee

Chris Ruane MP (UK) - Founder, Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group

Chris Tamdjidi (Germany) - Founder, Kalapa Leadership Academy

Sharon Hadley (UK) - Consultant Bangor & Oxford University

Jamie Bristow (UK) - The Mindfulness Initiative

Judson Brewer MD, PhD (US) - University of Massachusetts, Center for Mindfulness

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We provide counsel and expert advice to the Government of Canada on the best practices in mindfulness training for Canadian Members of Parliament and the Civil Service.