Members are Canadian leaders within the field of mindfulness and mental health across sectors. Expertise of this group is in evidence-based secular mindfulness training, program development and government related issues.

  • Leading mindfulness experts with a long standing expertise across sectors in mindfulness training of individuals, professionals and organizations.

  • MAG provides an open and accessible framework to seek additional advisory members to develop greater context and support for mindfulness training.

Founding organizing committee

James Gimian (Halifax) - Publisher, Mindful.org and Mindful Magazine

John Roy BSc, MBA - Governing Council member of Authentic Leadership In Action (ALIA), Member - Finance Committee - UK Mindfulness Initiative. Founder - ROYCOM group of companies and Summit REIT in Canada.

Michael Apollo RP (Toronto) - President, Mindful Gateway. Program Lead, Mindfulness at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

Canadian Advisory Members

Barry Boyce (Nova Scotia) - Editor-in-Chief, Mindful Magazine and Mindful.org

Michele Chaban MSW/RSW PhD (Toronto) - Founder, Applied Mindfulness Meditation Program University of Toronto

Joe Flanders PhD OPQ (Montreal) - Clinical Psychologist and Founder MindSpace Clinic

Michele Milan MA (Toronto) - Former Chief Executive Officer, Rotman Executive Programs

Lynette Monteiro PhD (Ottawa) - Clinical Psychologist and Founder, Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic

Frank Musten PhD (Ottawa) - Clinical Psychologist and Founder, Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic

Patricia Rockman MD CCFP FCFP (Toronto) - Associate Professor University of Toronto, Senior Director Centre for Mindfulness Studies

Geoffrey Soloway PhD (Vancouver) - Co-Founder & Chief Training Officer MindWell U

Zindel Segal PhD (Toronto) - Distinguished Professor of Psychology in Mood Disorders, University of Toronto


International Government & Research Advisory Committee

Chris Ruane MP (UK) - Founder, Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group

Chris Tamdjidi (Germany) - Founder, Kalapa Leadership Academy

Sharon Hadley (UK) - Consultant Bangor & Oxford University

Jamie Bristow (UK) - The Mindfulness Initiative

Judson Brewer MD, PhD (US) - University of Massachusetts, Center for Mindfulness